5 Houseplants That are Easily Cared for

I’m sure many of you have been told that you don’t have a green thumb and that you tend to kill all your plants. Guys! Forget all about that! You just haven’t done enough research on how to take care of each plant. Each plant is unique and require different care. If you have a passion for houseplants and want to go get some, but don’t know where to start since there are so many houseplants out there, don’t worry! I’ve got your back! “insert winky face”

Below are 5 houseplants that i think are pretty simple to take care of but are still super pretty:

1. Golden Pathos Plant

What I love about this plant is that it’s both easy to care for and really pretty. All you have to do is water it two or three times/month and fertilize them once every 2 month. Also, make sure to place them in indirect sunlight. This plant doesn’t require a lot of bright light, so you can just place them anywhere it’s bright enough that you can read a book.

Another neat thing about this plant is that you can propagate them to grow new plants. Once your plant grows bigger, and you can cut each branch with one node and place it in a water cup (make sure to change the water twice/ week) It take about 3-4 weeks for the nodes to start growing roots. After the roots grow you can place them in a pot with potting mix. That’s it! Isn’t that cool?

2. Hoya Plants

The Hoya plant is similar in care to the golden pathos plant,  but it doesn’t require as much watering. I only water them twice a month. With the Hoya plant, it is best to water them in the morning ( I try to water all my plants every Monday morning so it is easy to remember, with the exception of a few plants I only water twice a month)

Just like with the golden pathos plant, you can propagate them the same way.

3. Pilea Peperomiodes

Absolutely my top favorite plant because it is so unique and super easy to take care of! It grows very fast.

How often should you water them? All plants are depend on what pot you are using. Some pots are made out of clay or metal.. Clay pots can vary in types of clay; some clay pots absorb water very quickly so you have to water the plant more often. I have a metal pot for my pilea and it doesn’t absorb water very well. So, I water them every 2 weeks or sometimes every 3 weeks. Make sure all your pots have a hole at the bottom so the extra water can drain out of the pot to prevent root rot.

You can also propagate the pilea, but it’s different than the last two plants. Pilea plants, once it gets old enough, will pop baby pilea out from the soil, and all you have to do it to dig it up and move the baby pilea to a small new pot with potting mix, and slowly it will grow.

4. Monstera Deliciosa

This is another one of my favorites! Mine is still a baby plant so the leaves are not quite spilt yet, but once it matures it should be have split leaves. I can’t wait for mine to get bigger.

I water this plant every 6 days because my clay pot sucks up all the water so the soil is always dry.

They don’t like direct sunlight so make sure to place it in a spot where it has enough bright light.

5. Bird of Paradise

The name itself is so pretty already! I got mine from Lowe’s, but most Lowe’s stores nearby don’t take good care of their plants, so when I got them they were already pretty beat up, but after a few weeks of taken care of them, they seems to be doing much better. I trimmed all the dry parts off and water them twice a month. I love this plant because you don’t have to take care of it much; all you have to do is remember to water them every 2 weeks, and place them in a indirect sunlight. This plant’s leaves remind me of banana leaves for some reason 🙂

Conclusion: All of these plants are super easy to take care and hard to kill. The main keys are:

 1. water them at least one a week or twice a month.

 2. make sure you throughly water them (water them until you see the water drain out of the drainage hole)

 3. Use filtered water to water them, so they won’t create pigments on the leaves from the chemicals in tap water.

 4. Place all your plants in an area with plenty of sunlight, but avoid direct sunlight which can give your plants some sunburns.

That is it beautifuls. Comment below if you have any questions ❤

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